Top 5 Benefits Of High Pile Carpet That Your Feet Will Love

Are you the type of person that prefers cozy carpet over hardwood or luxury vinyl plank? Do you often find yourself talking about carpet in terms of how it makes you feel?

If so, then you most likely are a high pile carpet fan.

High pile carpeting offers a type of pile that feels best for those that love warm, cushioned feeling below their bare feet. People often describe this type of carpet as having a luxurious feel.

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What Is a High Pile Carpet?

Before we get into different carpet types, let’s touch on what “pile” refers to and how flooring experts use the term when referring to the carpet in your home. 

Carpets typically feature knotted or looped yarn of various fibers that make up their appearance. When talking about carpet piles, you’ll be looking at the cut or sometimes uncut loops attached to these knots and how they make up the fabric or surface in your living room or guest room. 

While you’ll hear pile types discussed most often as a term for carpeting, it also applies to other fabrics created such as velvet and plush type carpet fabrics.

High Pile Carpet Vs. Low Pile Carpet

Low pile carpet offers different benefits than a higher pile carpet, but it’s ideal for those with health concerns. Lower pile carpet has much shorter fibers or tighter loops than a longer pile carpet. You may hear your flooring professional mention Berber style carpeting.

Many rental homes or commercial properties feature synthetic derived low pile fibers as they’re very durable and easy to clean. 

High Pile Vs. Medium Pile Carpet

If you can sink your hand into the carpet, there’s a good chance that it’s at least medium pile, and these moderately long fibers are less plush than a longer pile carpet, but considerably softer and more squishy feeling than a lower pile carpet. 

You can expect the fibers of a medium pile carpet to range from ¼ inch to ½ inch, but it varies depending on the brand. Medium pile and high pile carpet share many characteristics, but in general, they’re a good compromise between the longer pile and lower pile options.

This type of carpet is on the softer side compared to the low pile, and it’s easier to clean than a high pile, but it’s still comfortable for lounging and offers decent warmth and cushion under your feet.

Different Types of High Pile Carpet

There are a couple of types of carpet pile: loop and cut. Both of these types share some characteristics, including:

  • Availability in multiple different fiber types, including natural fibers or natural wool
  • Plush and soft texture with longer fibers
  • Durable, wear-resistant, and suitable for high foot-traffic areas
  • Relatively easy to clean with the right equipment

Loop carpet will have a tighter structure that offers better durability than cut carpet. Loop carpet is a good option for higher traffic areas of your home where softness and warmth are essential.

Cut carpet has a softer feel than a loop style carpet, and it feels denser when you touch it or walk on it. Cut carpet doesn’t offer the same durability as loop style carpet, but it’s still durable and has a pleasant texture that is hard to find in other carpets.

There are a few different types of cut carpet, including styles such as shag, velvet, frieze, and Saxony.

Top 5 Benefits 

There are some definite advantages to a high pile carpet, and it’s suitable for a variety of areas in your home. 

Benefit #1 – Potentially Fall Proof for Small Kids

One of the more overlooked benefits of high pile carpet is the cushion it provides to your kids as they play on the floor. This type of carpet is plush enough to pad their falls, but also easy enough to clean and maintain.

Benefit #2 – Comfy and Cozy

If you live in a colder climate, one of the benefits of a high pile carpet is the warmth you feel under your feet when you walk on it. 

High pile carpet is thick enough to keep your feet from feeling the cool subfloor beneath and adds a layer of insulation, so each carpeted room retains more of that warmth.

Benefit #3 – Sound Proof

High pile carpet doesn’t just offer incredible benefits for retaining warmth; it also works to deaden sounds that would otherwise travel much farther in your family’s home. This feature is one of the more notable benefits of high pile if you have children or pets.

Benefit #4 – Luxury

You can determine the quality and potential durability of your carpet by looking at its face weight and pile height. Higher pile carpet requires more maintenance than a lower pile or medium pile, but in exchange, you’re getting a much more luxurious feel and look that can enhance any room.

To increase the level of luxury, add a high pile carpet made from a material that makes the most sense for that specific room. In some cases, the ideal material might be wool, but many synthetic materials offer excellent performance as well.

Benefit #5 – Maintains Structure

More extended pile height is a visual signal for coziness and is a trendy addition to the bedroom, but it also stays fluffy without gradual flattening over time. 

The general volume of your average high pile or shag rugs means there’s more material present to prevent flattening, and with proper maintenance, your carpet can stay fluffy, clean, and plush for years.

Cost of High Pile carpet

High pile rugs cost more than their medium pile or lower pile counterparts, but they offer unparalleled luxury and fluffiness you can’t get with a lesser pile level. 

If you plan to get a high pile carpet, you’ll also want to look into the best carpet cleaner to make maintaining your carpet as easy as possible.

High Pile Carpet Brands

High pile carpet isn’t available everywhere, but several retailers stock it and provide installation services to meet your needs.

Mohawk Flooring and Shaw Flooring

Mohawk and Shaw are trusted and reputable carpet manufacturers who offer a wide array of products in an even more significant number of colors than stores like Home Depot. For the best installation and product quality, either of these companies is your best option as they are very similar.

Lowes and Home Depot

Lowes and Home Depot are top home improvement stores that offer various types of high pile carpet and expert installation for a reasonable fee. If your order meets a minimum set amount, you may also get special installation pricing. Stores like Home Depot also have a wider variety of brands and offer several durable options for both deep pile carpets and easy maintenance.


Read our list of frequently asked questions to get answers to common questions and learn more about the benefits of high pile carpet.

Tips for Cleaning High Pile Carpet

Using a powdered carpet cleaner can help get rid of some debris and provide a pleasant scent in your home. You’ll also want to adjust your vacuum to the highest pile setting and use short back and forth motions.

What are the Best Carpet Cleaners for High and Low Pile Carpets?

There are a wide variety of carpet cleaners on the market, and the perfect one for your carpet will depend on the material. 

Wool carpets will require different cleaners than synthetics, and some carpets benefit more from dry-cleaning than from steam or shampooing, which is different than how you’d clean low pile carpet.

It’s usually best to find manufacturer recommendations, but if you aren’t able to do that, look for carpet cleaners and solutions that are safe and gentle for high pile rugs as these are the best option for preventing damage. 

If the best carpet product available is meant to clean low pile carpet, it might not be a good option for your plush pile carpet.

Based on many positive reviews and features, the Bissell Big Green Professional carpet cleaning machine is the right choice for different types of carpets, high-traffic areas, and easy maintenance for tight spaces or deep pile carpets.

For a short pile carpet, most conventional vacuum cleaners will do a pretty good job. Still, for high pile or frieze carpet, you’ll want to get a more powerful machine that has ample venting, so its a good option that removes dirt and debris without getting bogged down by the plush surface.

Brands like Soniclean, Shark, and Oreck offer some of the best vacuums that can easily handle plush pile, and fabric loops and many of these feature designs that make them easy to push across a thick carpet and access tight spaces.

Professional vs. DIY High Pile Carpet Cleaning

Professional equipment used to be the gold standard for carpet cleaning, but modern carpet cleaners have gained power and features that make them comparable. 

If you have a lot of carpets to maintain, purchasing your professional-style machine can save you money and make it easier to maintain and clean your carpet whenever it’s needed.

Bottom Line

High pile rugs certainly require more cleaning than their shorter pile counterparts, and they are more expensive to add to your home; however, this type of carpet provides specific benefits you won’t get with less plush carpet.

For those who value a cushy, luxurious carpet under their feet that provides ample cushion and noticeable sound deadening, a high pile flooring is a good option. Many people love how a high pile carpet looks, and you’ll greatly enjoy sitting or lounging on the floor with the extra plushness and added style.

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